12/12/12 Linky Party!

Ok. So my hubby just pointed out to me that this year when we have December 12, 2012, it will be the last time we can use the same number 3 times over when writing the date (12/12/12) until the year 2101 (01/01/01.... 89 years from now).

I am thinking I want to commemorate "12 day" by doing some fun activities with my kiddos. I'm thinking I will try to have students complete 12 of everything that day.

For example:
 * All of the answers to our Morning work math problems may equal 12.... wonder how long before they catch on?
* Since it is close to Christmas we may learn the 12 days of Christmas song during shared reading. Crayola has a cute craft idea for the story that you can find here.
* I made up this fun sheet for my students to complete that day:

Are you planning on celebrating 12 day with your students? How are you going to commemorate the event? Let's pool our ideas and come up with a fun calendar math centered day!
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  1. My kids think that 12-12-12 is hilarious! Thanks for sharing your freebie!
    - Leslie

  2. What a great idea! And I love your festive blog design- how nice :)

  3. Thanks so mcuh for stopping my blog, I'm glad you did, because I found you too :)

  4. We did 12-12-12 activities all day in class today. The students were so motivated and had fun!


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